All i want to die not

Written by: Mpho Leteng

I want to unburry my smiles from the dust of Kachikau covals;
I want to whistle hope beyond the edge of Life's coarseness,
I want to wade again through that last forenoon's tasteless waters,
I want to plunge in to the humid darkness and embosom the future.

So i betrayed time to the lower bounds of unanswered prayers,
I reversed time to south back again that strange voyage
To beat back smiles of flaming times,
And again, walk again miles towards the fallen nights.

I want to wall my thirst against life's high hopes,
I want to heal my life
And be better than the reflection i see on that cheval-glass

Unlike fallen angels i want to tremble not before God's face,
I want to bewitch my conscience to salvation's sealed space
All i want ; to die not!