Written by: Robert Ludden

It is another calibration of my journey,
pre-ordained but shrouded
in the belly I perceived in childhood,
distant signals, stuttering, 
of flight a soul could make
beyond the apogee of earth            
when home was much too lush,
the girl who spoke with velvet lips
too pretty to ignore, 
the state of appetite too unrefined,
the lust within asserting its own arrogance
before the face of God.

And now in age,  it smiles
in whispers,
"Do you know me?
Do you see?"

I do.  And with a heart
half full,  I seek
and smile at my own frailty...
and stumble
as the storehouse of the earth
still whirls beneath my feet, 
albeit not so steadily.

and loss
and luscious fruit
are at my side,
and curiosity
about that former nemesis called death
may now contend together
in a strange equality I sense
but may not understand.

I have the watch.
It's midnight, and I shall not sleep.