Written by: Leonora Galinta

the very first time I saw you you totally captivated my heart never had any idea or single clue but I’m already in love with you since the start just your name is such a beauty without a doubt I could hardly believe that you’re real until I’ve finally touched and held you one by one falling down from those wand-like branches as in hail carpeting the dark green bermuda grasses on the ground with all my zest I gathered you gladly all around your big round petals shine so bright like a brilliant sun my faint notion that you’re a hand-made crepe paper now has passed its way and finally gone all I wish, when I dance you’ll adorn my hair I’ll be proudly making you into garlands for a special affair in my eyes, you’re one of the emblems of royalty in this beautiful kingdom and lovely place while local and foreign folks are all enjoying their stay you’re providing them an atmosphere with solace in your yellow color is a shaft of light for peace Supannika, with my piquancy I am taking you home to introduce you that you’re such a special kind a radiant flower to float on water will lastly bloom most especially I’ve a great idea in my mind you’ll be a wonderful gift to my love one/s on Valentines Written: Feb. 10, 2012
Note: It's my first try of a quintain form of poem as I'm so inspired by the fantastic beauty of the Supannika flower. I hope I did the form, "quintain" right. SUPANNIKA :I didn’t give up asking/searching its name when I first saw it at the camp site during my 3 days/nights stay (Feb. 6-8, 2012). I've also checked the spelling of its name at google. It is a very beautiful, big brightly yellow colored flower full of petals which I’ve only seen here in my borrowed country. Its picture is my avatar. I love yellow flowers so much; yet. this is one of the most beautiful yellow flowers i've seen. So in love with this pretty flower ;))) Supannika for You! Wishing You All My Dear PS Poet Friends an Advance Happy, Happy Valentines Day! Second Place Contest: Simple Title Judged: 3/9/13 Poet Sponsor: Greatest Poet PD