One Second Delay

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Just a moments delay
Lives change forever
Trajectory altered 
Heading to the unknown
Why? Why?
I so liked my routine
The unchanging gives me security
Makes me feel safe
I like to control the outcome
Do I really control anything?
Allow me my illusions
If I am not the master of my own destiny,
to whom will I bow?
Predictability is the blanket to which I cling
Hesitation has ripped it from my hands
I stand naked at the edge of wonder
Youthful vigor renewed
Alive once more
No safety net to cushion my fall
Yet I am not afraid
A stranger in a new land
Yet somehow I feel at home
The unfamiliar is strangely comforting
I am powerless but to continue forward
Heart matches each new step
The unknown becomes known
New routines are established
Oh how I like my routines
Predictability is draped over my shoulders
My life is different
Yet my pattern remains the same

I'm left to ponder
Perhaps I should hesitate once again