Hiding in the Church

Written by: Uwe Stroh

They come in steams, in clusters

some enter you

some leave you

some are afraid of you

some scare you


They enter at will

they leave at will

nothing to do with you

it is all beyond 

human reason


You are but a pawn

in this game of  cat and mouse

in this battle of spirituality

you need to do

what is necessary

to survive  


In the spiritual realm

 I find you floundering

I wonder why that is 

but there is no answer

no human answer anyway 


The spirit (holy spirit)

determines your path

but the others come and go

and there is nothing you

can do but show  Love 


Hiding behind the Church

or inside the Church

won't save you

you can be the best

preacher in the universe

but hiding behind the Church

covering up your sin

won't do 


I can see them in you

I can feel them

come and go


Right now in Church

these are strong

envy, lust, folly,

gluttony and strive .