I miss my Dad

Written by: Lucas Mkude

I miss my dad
At the days like these,
When nights and mornings are worse,
I real miss my dad!

He taught me to love,
Care and listen to others,
He gave me courage, of schooling, singing and drawing.
When nights and mornings are worse
I still miss my dad!

If only I could backhander God,
For whatever he could in debt me,
I would solicit him to leave my dad,
That I could have his insight now,
But he won him,
For he loved him more!

When I last nursed him,
He had a promising health,
Of seeing his smile tomorrow,
To the amazing veracity,
It was only four hours later,
When I received the call of his left,
When the nights and days are gone!
I still miss my dad!

Today I see him on my narcolepsy,
When I get quick to REM,
I also see him to night,
When I come to serious dream,
But, these add me pains,
For I miss him more when awake!
When the nights and days are gone!
I still miss my dad!

It was Feb, 17,
The year twenty 06,
Noted time 11.AM,
When he breathed last,
After three days wounds,
From a car crash on 14th Feb.
 "the day called Valentine!"
A car registered 304 AAF,
Crushed him badly,
At Magomeni traffic lights,
On his way church with Mama!

RIP our dad,
The 10 you left behind,
Became 11 after a week,
A boy born on 23rd Feb,
Reminds us about you,
Gideon the great! We also named him Alex,
On honor of your gone!

© Lucas Mkude 10/02/2013

A true story of my father's daeth on Feb. 17.2006.