Winter Exits

Written by: Russell Sivey

In the beginning where buds lifts man’s hearts beyond those of the dismal dark, there is a light in the life of each being and plant that grows while the season extends beyond the grave of winter. Life evolves through time, crafting its own existence within the delight of the sun, the rays that lift us living things over the darkness, brings joy to the existence of our pluming start. The placement of such hearts fires up the eyes of tranquility and burns the futility of lovely bright enriching beauty. Life, such a novelty within the evolution, a great vastness of desire to produce a height of clearly immaculate formation of life beyond the cold hard grasps of winter. Now life has been warmed and graced with harmony and peace, with a love that tenderness brings worshipful charisma of living things.

the cold winter leaves with the last snow… spring buds glisten
Russell Sivey Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Spring haibun" contest 2/9/2013