Almost a Song

Written by: Ricky Brown

2-8-2013		Almost a Song
	Just about to loss my mind,ever since you left me,
	Gone too soon,when we were together -I was not free,
	Not even now,years later the memory is not gone,
	I wonder whenever I see you ,do you even know,sounds like a song,
	Up and up ,I see why I feel down N down,no make believe,
	Just an old worn pair of shoes,to look at- hurts the feet,
	Yes you are an old friend,but again you stand on the other side,
	I heard your voice once and I could hear the pain subside,
	More than a feeling was all you once were,
	Take it from someone,who did not ever understand,
	I found what I never could own up as a man,
	Pack yourself away for some other time,
	If you could only come as you are,attending as a star,
	You'd be more than it was -you and I from afar
	You wear my heart like a sleeve,until you become tattered,
	Almost free to the world spinning on you as to fret,
	Why did I look up to, for such a very long time,
	A love song that would never ryhme,