Winter Blues

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Winter Blues Another snowflake is sure to come down At first is was alright when the season first came around Now one snowflake leads to another forming an uncontrollable stream Creating a winter wonderland called the blizzard 2013 The wind last night howled like a hungry wolf that hadn’t eaten for days Perhaps Mother Nature was starved to show us a winter’s sting in her ways Couldn’t see in front you, a total white out had appeared Lights were blinking on and off, losing electricity was what I feared Woke up this morning knowing I had to shovel again This time two feet of snow, didn’t think it would ever end The trees outside look like objects I didn’t recognize The world around me was covered in such thick ice The fireplace kept burning its flames to keep the house all cozy and warm Fighting to keep its embers alive through this dangerous storm Lighting up the room to replace the power if the lines should go down Outside my window I noticed there were no cars or a soul to be found Still the wind kept banging on the windows to be invited in High drifts of snow were formed by the powerful wind Found myself wishing it was spring instead of being in a snowy view Gave me the sad feeling of the winter blues..