Maybe Im amazed

Written by: Julie Alcin

Maybe I’m amazed by the way you stole my heart
And by the way you made me love you from the start
I was a closed door, locked and barricaded
I convinced myself that love could only get me intoxicated
Intoxicated with rage and pain
But you helped to keep this sane
Maybe I’m amazed by the way you move
I’m amazed by the fact you love is easy to prove
You’re not anything that I thought you would be
You’re actually better than the sweet cup of tea
You’re the dream that I beg to be true
You’re angel and I want to be with you
Instead of chasing pavements that I’ll never catch
I rather pray to God that you’re my perfect match
Maybe I’m amazed that you know how to love
Just like those cupids living up above
I love the way that you make me feel
There is no doubt that this emotion is real
You stole my heart so I stole yours too
I’m amazed by the fact that I am with you

Date written: 9 February 2013