Written by: Dave Timperley

The sun sets the sky on fire, one of those wonderful moments, the Mediterranean Sea aflame, moments that take your breath away. Winter in Cyprus can be awesome, with the short blasts of rain. The parched earth gives up it hidden fruits again, the green grass covers the land. The flowers blossom one more time. Gone is the barrenness born of heat. Like a second Spring coming overnight, the weeds are also Gods bounty, they suckle on the life giving rain and wild blossoms abound the hills.
Spring has it's welcoming blooms and Summer provides the warmth while Autumn offers the coolness of night. Then Winter enters with it's blustery display. All too soon, but not soon enough, the seasons scramble to outdo each other. All so splendid each in it's own way now Winter gives us it's spectacular show. Electric fireworks race across the leaden sky, chased forever by a thunderous roar, a free display of natures might as light and sound and rain explode as we sit in our homes in a first class seat.