free cee ARE NOT WE PROUD of ourselves

Written by: jeffry cohan

        ARENT' WE CLOUD of ourseves?

It wasn't on the tundra
where the scenery is plain
it wasn't on the dry and humid plain
where I went insane

it wasn't on the Sahara
where inhabitants and even the plants are lackadaisical and lazy
it wasn't where a steamy arid area causes rotting corpses
no, that's not where I went crazy

it wasn't in Pakistan
where a warrior can lose a limb or go blind
it wasn't where children sleep to the sound of missals 
surely that's not where I lost my mind

harkening back I think it was solely hearing the news
it doesn't matter if it's night or day
I hear about dead babies and the bullsh*t going on  
and it's happening right here in the great old U.S.A.  
   © 2013....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee~