free cee DURAN KURAN

Written by: jeffry cohan

                                        DURAN KORAN

Banners blow while a silken flag waves
Both signifying a country gone awry
Men dig ever more six foot deep graves
As I stand aside and wonder why

American flags must surely be costly
What with all that red, white and blue material
While the deaths of countless soldiers seems immaterial to the Commander In Chief
Who seems chiefly unconcerned about supplying armor for vehicles who drive directly into harm’s way
Occupied by occupants who occasionally incur the horrors that too often occur
While their vision becomes a blur from the sand and significant insanity in a land of lamentable leaders bent on brutality
As I become buried ever deeper in regret Bemoaning every unnecessary casualty of a war wrought and fought in futility
As corpses continue to constitute the inconsistency of combat
Like Corporal Carl Conway who died trying to liberate a country inhabited by an alliance who owe their allegiance to Allah
And believe in what might as well be a cookbook they call the Koran
Man, they may as well adhere to the doctrine of Duran Duran

So I have a superlative idea indeed
Take all the silk they use for the red, white and blue
And instead of causing casualties of war to bleed
Sell the silk for armor and armaments our heroes are so aptly due
                                           © 2013  copyright…..~free cee!~