Regrets contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

I didn't go I broke my promise
my fault  those babies died  my fault the mothers cried.
When I qualified as a midwife a promise I made
promised my heart I would give them my time
to help the poor women get their lives back in line
all they face is pain and shame

The male leaders have  no compassion
terrible  conditions, no hospital or drugs no anything
just  men who think sex is theirs for the taking.
Leaving women with diseases and the babies they're making.
Once my health is back on form off I  will go
taking drugs with me to help the poor.

Everyone is poor they are without
without health without hope so desolate.
Might be just a ripple in an Ocean of hell
many a ripple would  surely tell
Until that day I live with my regrets
regrets that my life held  such consequences