the late loved

Written by: Dominic Amezimi

At dawn I’ve found and realized
What I should have before twilight
Daybreak has seen my agony
And it alone cannot save me
Wherewith was I? Before you died
Before were closed those pretty eyes.
Whereon to go? My world is cold!
My equator is like the poles
Oh dear! My dear, the dearest one,
Your beauty years! They’re all forlorn.
When I was all, but close to you
When still I fought for all undue
Bitter this pain and all I feel
On top my tongue and on my skin
It makes sense now and still does not
Sure! You are gone, and I’m distraught
Such fairly being, art excellent
Was seized from me, our time unspent
No timely count or seconds ticked
Not one was found when we were with
No memory of you and me
Our history can never be
Oh love! My love, the sweetest too
How come I knew all things but you?
In vanity, I chose to live
When I’d have been just close to thee
Heaven please give, one golden year
And save me all my pain and tears
To later shed in joy with her
For pain, or fate, for all we are
I sought you late, too late “my peace”
And found you where you should not be
I’ve found you; cold, your skin as pale
-As the feet of the nightingale.
Your freezing touch, and absent gaze
Your carelessness to all I say.
Alas, my queen, i found you gone
I found you when your life was done!