food and elvis

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Food and Elvis 

I had opened a can of low fat rice-pudding and was 
watching a food program, a big cook off in Tupelo.  
Elvis father, Vernon, once built a small house here, 
it cost him $ 250, but he could not pay the bank and 
lost it; now the house is a shrine .

The winner, a cook who looked like a body builder,
said the pork had to be so tender that a toothless 
man could eat it, and the sauce had to be right,
not too sweet or too sharp but with a hint of lemon. 

When Elvis got to be famous he bought his parents 
a big house and filled it with  junks, he never been in 
a fine home, how was he to know how the rich lived. 
Cooks have come a long way, from the backroom to
 where a bitter, low paid man resided and cleaned his 
nails with a carving knifeā€¦ and now TV stars. 

Elvis best food was not pork, but a whole loaf, sliced 
long ways, with a thick layer of peanut butter, bacon 
and jam washed with sweet coca cola.