Unknown Fear

Written by: LAKEA BANKS

While on the road fully in a deep dream
Running to every door with a loud scream
Why is this dream taken so much from me
In reality I’m just trying to break free.
Going back thinking about you
Has brought a deep sense of fear of being around you
Since we had each other each and everyday
Only problem I finally figured out
It made me keep losing my way.
When people started looking in my face
On occasion my eyes felt like I was in space
This dream keeps going back to the time we shared
Which makes me afraid and scared?
Your presences bring me back down a dark and lonely road
To where those evil twins Malibu and Mary Jane are in one accord
Which seem to me been fiercely lurking
So something would happen around the corner and come back to take their rightful place.
The emptiness starting to run through me fast
Awake my conscience say
Awake awake it keeps saying in a louder voice
Awake I say
I have awaken from the dark dream
Filled with sweat all over me
Thinking why can’t I get you out of my mind
On this dark and rainy night
In a low whisper I hear Mary starting to call my name
Even though I’m trying to stay away
Because she knows I will see you soon
When I cross the Mississippi bay.