Life as in a day

Written by: Mya Thein

                       "Life as in a day". 

(1)	Coming into this world quietly at Dawn
	when a tiny little baby was born.
	With mother’s milk, extending the Life
	devouring foods mother provide.
	Slowly but boldly, crawling on all fours
	standing up and toddling fast, walking on all floors.
	Schooling at five, & graduating with pride after twenty
	attaining & obtaining the knowledge so plenty.

(2)	Noon is a time, a young guy in his prime 
 	With new strengths & new senses well defined.
	Well trained, knowledgeable and bright
	a married life he shared with wife
	raising children with his genes, as he thrives.
	Living happily ever after, with his family as he strives
	this is his right, as well as his plight, in this world so wide.

	Struggling to endure, his life so harsh 
	rowing up stream, waters so rough 
	strong winds blow from left & right
	holding the oars tight, rowing to keep alive.
	Oldie and grumpy, slowly as strength ailed 
	feeble and frail, and weakness prevailed.

	Exhausted, debilitated, & sickened with disease
	it is mundane nature, every body live and die in a brief.
	Families break up, in life and in death
	only few are the exceptions, it’s a true fact
	anticipate, if children over eighteen, relocate out of the pact. 

(3)	Twilight is the sunset of life, growing old
	irrelevant, obsolete, and acting slow, 
	With no voice in the family anymore.
	Donating and consolidating merits he so adores
	practicing the Noble Truths to get the hold,
	as Buddhism is in accord with natural laws, studies showed.
             Senility led to monasteries and temples, so the saying goes,
             sickness and sufferings prevailed, feeble & old.  
             Twilight sets, times shreds, breathes his last breath 
             sun goes down, darkness grows around, &  death follows after the last gasp.
		By Ko Ko Thein  (Salt Lake City)