To Have Loved You

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

To Have Loved You I wakened each day to a lover’s dream for years Waking up each morning to see your face coming from a heaven’s view Your morning kisses were so beautiful that they brought me to tears They made me realize how lucky I was to have loved you I married the one and only love for me so many years ago Knowing that each day our love would feel always brand new There’s no way that death could ever surrender me to let you go Now that I found my soul’s strength within a treasure to have to loved you I sadly look over at your rose garden and I remember that special day How the sun was shining from a beautiful diamond in your presence I remember your beautiful smile that carried me away To a place where only heaven could send I close my eyes to sleep tonight, holding you close to my dreams In the hope that come tomorrow morning I will wake to an angel in view Capturing your morning kisses that you would lovingly give me For thanking God for giving me a beautiful gift to have loved you…
Just a made up poem, nothing personal.