Chasing Away the Blues

Written by: julie heckman

Its a race I ran before, dirt in my
soaks up to my ankles. Pain is very
deceiving at times, and often passes
for fun and excitement until of course,
it works its way into your psyche
tearing illusions to pieces.

There is music of course, to quell the
pain but music sucks out your emotions 
and the blues makes them even more
sensitive. No music. Maybe television,
no because then you've got to live through
a ton of commercials which will give you
the blues if you don't already have them.

The sure cure for dealing with the blues
is to become very involved in some kind of
creative work. I love to write and spend at
least four hours a day writing...think about
writing down your memories or some fiction.
Don't worry about publishing, just write for 
the sake of writing. It's a great creative 
exercise and takes you mind off of worrying.
If this doesn't work, remember there is
always Xanax.