SUPERIOR - not the lake

Written by: daver austin

SUPERIOR – not the lake

To me there are no persons drearier
Than those who think themselves superior,
Think everything in life that they do
Is a little, no, MUCH better than you (do)

She didn’t come right out and make a claim
Not sophisticate was to give it name
As example – I mentioned my dentist
Hers, compared to others by far the best
Sadly, my doctor’s name, somehow, came up
Hers had won the Johns Hopkins world class cup
When I mentioned housing she had a ball
When compared to hers, the Taj Mahal was small
Dare I mention our Jeep parked in the back?
She’d boast of her three bran new Cadillacs
Fed her dog ‘Vet’s Laboratory Test’
Even claimed her Fido’s droppings were best
         Then, one day –

Joy! When they had to call an ambulance -
Her chronic case of painful flatulence