Looking Back

Written by: Pat Kroyer

Years ago things were so bleak
A broken heart makes a person weak
For a very long while things were grim and sad
Unfortunately not realizing just what we had
Being torn apart, dreams forever shattered
At this point there was only one quest that mattered
to young and confused to weigh the losses
Still years later, the future it crosses
How complex the mind, now this I know
Time is not a factor - 
Somethings we just have no control
Hey, take a long listen to the skies rolling thunder
You may find too - that you cant help but wonder
Events drastic in life, so you take a wrong turn
Realizing later there's a lesson to learn
Finding you need comfort from a friend
Thus what once was - has come to an end
What was lost to me - was a damn crying shame
Life goes on, never to be the same
Letting go, being happy, yet missing you so
Trying to understand, but time will show
Now i am ready to lay the past to rest
Cherish happiness and wish for the best

Contest : Chasing Away The Blues  02/05/2013