Lace and Frills

Written by: Isaiah Zerbst

All around me I see folks are glad as can be
'Tis the season when glad hearts are beating
But surely you know, somewhere deep down below
There are hearts that are wounded and bleeding

See the cards go around, while the red hearts abound
Some are decked out with lace bows and cotton
But I haven't a one, I have missed all the fun
I am left all alone and forgotten

I had hoped for a card, yes, I hoped really hard
Just for one tiny note with a heart
Only three little words and I'd sing with the birds
Or I'd suck on a lemon that's tart

But I had me a plan, to the paper I ran
To the hearts and the lace and the cotton
And I made up some frills for some young pretty girls
That by others and me were forgotten

~ Feb 7, 2013~
~ For the Forgotten Valentine contest by Debra Squyres ~
~ metre ~