Turning back Time

Written by: angel heady

There are moments in everyone's life that they wished they could turn back time.  Maybe to erase mistakes that were made or words said in anger to someone that You never got to apoloize for. 
Now their gone forever.  You never took a chance just to say I Love You. I'm sorry for all the times I said hurtful things to you.  I never meant to make you cry.  I let anger take over and I let it distroy all the love and good times we shared.

Its' too late becuase for you know it .  Their gone leaving you full of regrets and tears.  Sometimes We as humans never listen to the voice in our heart.  Instead we listen to our heads and end up loosing out all together.

If we could just have put pride and selfiness aside. Then there would have been a happier ending.  But No chance of that happening no matter how much we pray for forgiveness or how many tears we cry. 

Eachday Just wanting one more chance to say I love you to their faces instead of a picture.  Wondering why did they have to leave you all alone.  Always wanting one more day.