Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

These snow veiled tombstones, suddenly vestal,

seem to shroud grief, yet wind keeps visitors

away, save for some recent widowers

who with lifeless bouquets, stay dutiful.

Beyond the starkness of winterized elm,

a fresh grave awaits someone’s beloved,

I walk silent grounds, chin down, hands gloved,

still, a chill pervades. Markers overwhelm.

Mid-February was meant for sweet tokens.

A Victorian couple, paired yet alone,

display only dead blooms, fashioned of stone,

no kin comes today, distant lines long broken.

One valentine, crafted with true sentiment,

languishes, forgotten, now mere monument. 

*For the Forgotten Valentine Contest.
Written February 7, 2013

*This is a modern sonnet which lean towards mid-line punctuation, freer rhyme schemes, and a more relaxed syllable count. 

**For a photo of the tombstone, found in Mt Hope Cemetery in Kitchener, Ontario, please click on the About this Poem link, if you are able. Cemetery art is lovely, yet so poignant. Each marker tells only the tinest bit of their story.