Mischievous Imp

Written by: Carrie Richards

There are warnings in the evening wind, a voice of bold acclaim There is darkening of the opal moon,.... and hints of cold and change A rumbling oath, from outer hills, of thick and cloudy air Soon it comes, it shakes old panes, a night of storm and flames Intruding peace! A flash! A crack! It strikes a weathervane! One drip, annoying bedtime imp, now appears when I recline And while I snore, each drop irks me... I groan, "Oh, stop it, now!" I lie awake, to a thunderous ode, while a splash intrudes my aims Now it floods, and.. where's a boat? A gush of rain is pouring in!... Clouds are cursing, and shingles are surging as water is soaring in Ceilings are leaking, a river is rising, and buckets are carpeting a floor Under covers I hover, I shiver and shudder, I'm denied a chance of crying Oh,... would I dare, one wink, one snore? Or should I smile, and dive in?
______________________________________________________________ For David William's Contest: "Con/Vow"