Should It Be Done

Written by: Dan Kearley

Day after day I read words,
                              wisdom seen but never heard
As poets fill their pens
                              with ink of thought that never ends
We try to tell the world
                              of the madness to unfurl
Though thoughts can never be a gleam,
                              in anyones ones eyes if never seen
Perhaps we should take to the streets
                              where graffity scrawls dirty walls
To post words that will be seen
                              so open eyes can then get a gleam
Of the beauty and wisdom we hide inside,
                              that can effect and change peoples minds
Simple words that can be read,
                              by the pathways people tread
Words left on a canvas,
                              for no one to ever see
Might as well be left in a dark ally
                              where drunk people pee
Their eyes to blurry to see, 
                              this message they need to read
For simple words won't change many hearts
                              if just written but never seen

Just me...