Written by: david scott

One/two, trying I am to hold on but don’t know what to do 
    I'm going to explode, a time bomb, I cant help but feel so blue
    Now everything has gone still I’m trying to find a way through
    If you can see where I’m coming from?, it's a case of dasja vu                                    

    Three/four, still I feel so empty, absolution I’ve been looking for
    Just to have that kind of certainty, to feel like I once did before
    Still trying to find that remedy, though now I’m not quit so sure
    I don't think I'll ever find any as everything is now so obscure     
    Five/six ,trying I am to survive, but feel I'm out of survival tricks
    And even though I am still alive, the bomb you know it still ticks
    Tricky situations I try to avoid, I skive but then still I'm in this mix
    I suppose learning to duck and dive, if only I could find a quick fix
   Seven/eight, looking for heaven if only that I could then anticipate
   As it's a fine line I reckon it is yeah between coincidence and fate
   When inside feels like Armageddon, now I feel I'm in a right state
   All these thoughts sense eleven and you know they are not great
  Nine/ten, I’m not feeling so fine it's that feeling of panic and mayhem
  I think I’ve just lost track of all time tell me is it now a'm or is it p'm
  And still I whinge and whine and you know here I am yet again
  Never can I walk a straight line, it's the same now as it was then
                 Written 2001 playing around with words at time
                     expressing how one feels using a coping stratery 
                              ten nine ect  written june july 2001 
                                     written by myself davidscott
                                       i WRITTEN OVER YEARS 
                                   A LITTLE LOOK BACK IDEA