the escapees

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Escapees 

The goat by the wayside had sun flecked eyes 
rhombus brown pupils… and silky white wool.
But it was not alone, together with a donkey 
that had brown eyes which exuded endless 
patience, and long lashes; they both were on 
the way to town where a circus said it needed
 more animals and promised hay, dry straw 
to sleep on and fame. But knew, as I heard
 an ohm of a plane overhead, that it is difficult
 to find your way back home and remembered
my mother watering plants on the window sill 
while I was biking up and down the road 
showing off. I took the animals back to the farm
the agrarian was glad to see them, the goat was
his pet, the donkey too now that he had a blue
tractor, yet both make the domestic landscape
more picturesque.