Jaded Valentine

Written by: Stephen Parker

Roses were glazed red
My fertile heart to woo
Cankering jealousy did spread
Bright petals now jaundiced hue

Violets were silted blue
Noble ambitions to thread
Blossoms with intemperate juices did stew
Now mildewed petals cloak our shallow bed

Tulips were glossed yellow
My cerebral chords to cue
Anon, savory tips did mellow
Now stale cortex in dark milieu

Carnations were flossy white
My purer instincts to hew
Your waxed petioles lusty suitors did invite
Now browning leaves on tendered stems accrue

Now barren soul rimmed by bland fescue
Heart heavy from chilling night's dew
No garlands around glib psyche to strew
Only drab, dense weeds to bid me adieu