Guilty of Everything

Written by: Art Wright

Brandon’s lawyer phone him up
he said “I’ll make it quick.
a big indictment’s coming down
they want to make it stick
they’ve been on you since ‘82
got evidence in piles
witnesses and wiretaps
and photographs and files

Every law upon the books
you’ve broken and maligned
with every bill upon the hill
still waiting to be signed
all of God’s commandments
and those he just implied
even laws of nature
you’ve left them all defied 

Guilty of everything
no precedent
guilty of everything
‘til you’re proven innocent

Ever since the dawn of time
not once in history
has a man been charged 
with EVERY crime
it’s plain to see
there must be some technicality”.

So after the acquittal 
he gave some interviews
no one ever saw a man
so worthy of the news
and as for Brandon’s lawyer
the accomplice to the crime
with new laws written everyday
he’s working overtime