Betcha Can't Guess

Written by: Jack Ellison

Betcha can't guess what this is Don't cheat and look down below A unique and funky candy dish? Or an ash tray, do you think you know? Looks like a prize from a midway Something to hang on your wall A spittoon you find at a dentist's office Or a kids game called “Toss The Ball” Ha! You guys are ten miles off base Won't believe what this thing is for Used by both males and females At times they line up by the score Quite functional and a real necessity Frequented at the pub or a game Because of all the beer that's consumed Okay scroll down to find out it's name... (Scroll down) So what did you say? Did you get it right? Guessed “toilet bowl”?... you are correct! You win a big bucket of horse manure So what great prize did you expect? © Jack Ellison 2013