Expeeding The Skimlet

Written by: Jack Ellison

I sometimes have trouble expressing myself My words at times are misleading Like when I wanted to relate to my grandson The car that passed us was speeding These are the words that actually came out “That car is EXPEEDING THE SKIMLIT”! He looked at me strangely and rolled his eyes And said “My grandpa's a dimwit”! My sister is afflicted with a similar disease Passing some orange groves one day Told us the row of rundown shacks Is where “The MIGRAINE WORKERS stay”! Another winner from my dear lovable sister The doc said there's a chance that maybe Because her daughter was having such difficulty “They might have to SEDUCE THE BABY”! One more of these gems then I really must go I was trying to describe this little tike “Look over there,” I told my dear wifey-poo “At that KID ON A RED-HAIRED BIKE”! © Jack Ellison 2013