Sweet Spring

Written by: Connie Gildersleeve

Days are lengthening with spring. Winter's thaw has awaken the earth. The rebirth cycle begins in my backyard. Bird feeders are full. Goldfinches adorned in their brighter yellow feathers of spring, happily feeding on seed. House wrens are making new nests and chirping their mating songs, creating a wonderful soundscape to my ears.

A gentle south breeze flows. With ice and snow melted, rivers flow. Transitioning winter to spring, and greening-up Mother's Earth. Buds are bursting forth on most of my trees with little green leaves. My purple crocus and blue hyacinth have started too bloom, much too early here in the north. What's in the air that makes me feel better? I like to think it's the sweet days of spring.

                                                    northern wind shivers
                                          wrapping warmth with woolen shawl
                                                    early spring sleeps lite

A Haibun with a Haiku
For Debbie Guzzi's contest,"Spring Haibun"