Shaft of light

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

Shaft of light

Out on the motorbike, on an urgent mission
Starting the trip in sunshine with a clear vision
In the season though of freewheeling fickle rains
To ride it out in slovenly rain-swept terrain

With light on retreat under sky’s sooty cupola
Dark, dripping, the day was a broken viola
Despite the raincoat, shelter from showers sought
A day of trials, the hapless traveler thought.

Half way through, the murkiness mercifully broke
With a shaft of light peeping through the sky’s high smoke
It came on as relief,  like a  pill that quells pain,
And felt like a  grandma’s tale with a moral strain.

7th Feb 13

For Seren Robert's "Shaft of light" contest