Pstchotic Maniac

Written by: Billy Simani

Beware of the house of pain, 
Madness rains on you like rain, 
Don't call out my name in vain, 
Lest they think you are insane, 
Psychotic maniac, 

And don't call me a maniac, 
I love girls; am a nymphomaniac, 
It's this voices inside my head; kleptomaniac, 
Turn them off, they keep me awake, am insomniac, 
Psychotic maniac, 

Please, am not crazy, 
If I sit still ill be lazy, 
I have to make them stop, keep them busy, 
Tell them to take it easy, 
Psychotic maniac, 

Am not psychotic, 
It must be the coffee, its narcotic, 
Don't take me to the mad house, its demonic, 
Take me to church or rehab, like am an alcoholic, 
Psychotic maniac,