Protect My Castle Oh Lord

Written by: Billy Simani

Protect my castle oh lord, 
Be my shield and sword, 
Fight those who fight against me, 
Make peace with those who respect me, 

I bow to God alone, 
HIM that blessed me with a throne, 
HIM that reigns over Angels and Demons, 
The Supreme Being, conqueror over all weapons, 

Silence is best weapon, 
So I talk less and write my throne, 
I laugh at them acting like a clown, 
Because what I possess is greater than a crown, 

They might be big bad and brave, 
But they'll be grieved gone to the grave, 
Living me, mean machine, 
At the throne of words you can't imagine, 

Pen and paper, words in mind, 
This won't stop lest I go blind, 
Just like wine I get better with age, 
And I keep writing my future page by page, 

Watch over my troubled soul, 
In this war of words, the air gets foul, 
Until the last King of Poetry stands, 
I place my castle unto your able hands,