Award Winning Poem

Written by: Billy Simani

Award winning poem crafted with precision, 
From the finest word smith's concoction, 
To capture the readers eye, 
And move them to agree with I, 

Every golden letter mellow to the core, 
Molded to tell a tale untold before, 
Veni vidi vici; so say I, 
A pen and paper in hand till I die, 

Swiftness in wordplay like a sparrow, 
Able to set the mood right from happiness to sorrow, 
Blowing the theme as wide as the clear blue sky, 
Not forgetting stylistic devices to make the poem fly, 

A poem that will stand out for all ages, 
As the king of modern day poetry outshining all written pages, 
Bringing out soliloquy in a persona, 
So sweet you wish not to end it sooner,