Written by: Jillian Veitenheimer

Dare your undesirable escape of emotion
Cease your glances of reverse direction
Our entities are of unison
Undeniable is the connection
Unfathomable, how strenuous it’s to imagine
Experience past and future, mirrored reflection
Accept my ubiquity within all your oxygen
Preordained configured via resurrection

When lost is luminosity 
Flourishes your curiosity 
Life proceeds at such velocity
Engulf you in insecurity
Feelings that couldn’t possibly
Have an immunity to eternity
Stunning is their multiplicity 
Heard though worded inaudibly 

Never shall you be forsaken
Nor left in your internal dungeon 
Permit your defenses to soften
Grant this fruit chance to ripen
Memories of eons to awaken
Realize this is not mistaken
This genuine fortune
Has fate as the guardian

Lifetime of continuity 
Overtakes us both implausibly 
Consuming with such ferocity
Wishing for simplicity 
Under neither’s  authority 
Though feelings of reciprocity
Serenade us acoustically 
Yet expression isolated to poetry