Forested Meditation

Written by: Jillian Veitenheimer

Silence in their congregation
Wisdom without translation
Turmoil inhabits infestation
Confounded in fascination
Our unspoken conversation
Immerses such a revelation
Unfold the transformation
As I vanish in imagination

Submerging into the forest I descend
Aspirations freeze and suspend
Oh the glorious woods defend
As the converse energies impend
Without atonement they attend
All fortification shall unbend
Granting psyche virtue of pretend
And branched embrace births my mend

Absent from civilization
Initiate animus revitalization
Oh serenity of isolation
Enamored by the cultivation
Nexus with the vegetation
Being immobilized in jubilation
Ancestry rooted meditation
Trees’ essences kiss reincarnation