The Storm of Life

Written by: Taylor Nelson

The ocean
Still as glass, it stretches to the horizon
Off in the distance, sprays of white shatter the blue illusion
A storm is coming
Clouds of anger, clouds of fury
Shouting at the heavens with a thunderous voice
A gust of wind blows through the trees.
The first drops of rain begin to fall
All around, the day gives way to the darkness
The darkness and the chaos
Animals scurry for shelter
They run, they hide
The storm comes for them, it comes for us all
The storm is always there
Lurking in the shadows
Watching, waiting, listening
With its many faces
Looking for the moment to strike
The storm of anger
The storm of fury
The storm of jealousy
The storm of greed
The storm of hate
The storm of violence
The storms we hide from
But, through the darkness there is always light
The storm of passion
The storm of kindness
The storm of charity
The storm of forgiveness
The storm of hope
The storm of love
The storms through which we live our lives
The storms we breathe, feel, touch and carry
Together as a whole, they come to make
The storm of life