Out Of bitterness Came sweetness

Written by: Witness Makono

Out of that ugly, cruel piece of wood
Ushered a sweet aroma, but by a sword
The Creator nailed by and on His creation

Offered a perfect sacrifice, for my perfection
From lands beyond afar, he descended

Boldly He came by divine steps of love and landed
In sublime compassion He stared at a lost soul
The whole world drenched in darkness since the fall
The devil stretching the blanket of wickedness
Entering the earth in love, animals congratulated
Room in the Inn could not be found, so congested
No religious people liked him even Priests of Pharisees
Even some of their own Rabbis and Sadducees
Sold for only 30 pieces of silver by the son of perdition
Suffered in the cruel hands’ that’s no Word contradiction

Carried the cross of my sins in deep agony
And drunk a bitter cup of my deadly iniquity
My saviour got an inflicting piercing pain of a head gear
Ended up with no vestures nhas they all wanted to wear

Sweetness sprung up out of that immense bitterness
Weaknesses swallowed and overcome by boldness
Eternity to win he enslaved death and took of its stinger
Entered hell and preached to souls in great torment
Then up with victory he arose like a real torrent
Now with keys of hades, he came up with him those saints
Eventually graves opened, triumph now reigns
Sweetness now floods my once troubled soul, he arose
Secure from all bluffs of the devil, his scream I oppose