Written by: Thami Sheshane

I'm not insecure!! 

Listen my love and listen well There's more 
to this than I can tell, 
I can feel the concern in your face 
It is crucial for a man not to doubt at this 
I am not insecure, I've just been hurt before. 

I know the way I act seems ridiculous, 
And I should trust you because you're 
And your conscious is clear but this world 
is malicious, 
I don't doubt the love you have for me, 
But I doubt the people surrounding you.

Nothing is guaranteed in this life 
And I'm sorry that I keep pushing 
And assuming that something is beginning 
To intersect our happiness. 

I am not insecure, i just want to be sure 
That you will always open the door 
Everytime I come to your arms! 

I do love you very much 
No other love as such 
Let me feel your touch :)