Happy Birthday My Love

Written by: Duane LaChance

My Love, Today you are a year older
Our love has grown stronger and bolder
Today is a special day for you, I must express
It’s the day you were born into this world of mess

We met only a short time ago considering the years
We have already had our share of laugh and tears
I really start to think how it would have been
If you weren’t born way back then
The twinkle in your eye when you look at me
Provides me with a blanket of security
Your smile and laugh fill my heart
And I know we will never part

You were born Blankty one year’s ago
I suspect it was probably in a blazing snow
Cause only you would come out so bright
As bright as a winter storms finishing plight

My Love, Today is your special date
I am happily married to you although late
We will enjoy your special day today
We will enjoy our lives every day!

Duane LaChance 2013