Corrupt me, My polis,My Life And My Property

Written by: kelechi Emeaba

Corrupt Me, My Polis. My Life 
and My Property. 
And is then chimeras ran over 
Before the firmament the 
netherland therefore,
Corrupt me, my Polis. my life 
and  my property; you'd loaned 
us our money else loan rust, 
Droned on and on with your 
busy drones,
Ensconced while from coming 
closer ey built  sconce,
Fleeced in a comminuting 
tertiary'd fleecid,
Good job to the dignity of your 
feel good,
Hey! you under arrest downed 
against parole on zero day,
Iffy at all time being going 
soberly squiffy,
Join us fight C, P is your friend 
Keener our outer kilt is your 
innards keen?
Lives and properties outline its 
contents life?
Man die this common elf bent 
No black maria  popinjay's 
contrails bully van no,
Officer where have your cons 
orifices of things ey were 
seemed inquest of,
Plead guilt save yourself a 
gurneys plea,
Quixotic in the colossal Quixote,
Relayed on hopes about an 
urchin fay,
Searching ev'ry nookies crannies 
Turned in got out over turn,
United we fall divided we stand 
Vestiges of the past inglorious 
droitural  vestige,
Woe onto know it all attitudinal 
Xeric touted thence Xeric,
Your took  in the oaths of that 
office of yours,
Zoomed in shrug it off well soon,