Straight to your Heart

Written by: Stephen Parker

Decadent perimeter a decorous 
tray doth betray
Polished cart a nubile mask doth 
From black, coiffed locks baited line 
doth sway
From slippery, glossed lips a sweet 
nectar doth spray
In dark corner, sleek, painted lashes 
lustily fray
On cheeks, hearty splotch of rouge, 
as sparkling rubies arrayed
Powdered, satin neck a smooth, 
silky route doth relay
Below, a swinging gait with nimble 
legs that teasingly play

While regal, surface stream my 
passions do tap
My mind longs heart's deep 
reservoir uncap
The silted mine's exterior allures 
with its glittering scrap
But I long the buried riches of soul's 
deep crevasses to unwrap
The tender juices from heated lips 
flow like sap
But my burning desire is to 
navigate heart's ventilated gap
Your soft, rhythmic words my 
beating pulse doth clap
But would much rather your 
subconscious strings map

Per chance reason's melded door 
doth flap
Thereon, lust's sensuous screen 
we'll strap