Azure seas, penned with lyrical notion,
Churning always in perpetual motion.
She is led by her lover, erudite moon,
Gently a heart strums to his alluring tune.

Golden shores extend to catch the beat,
Their essence touch, a cycle complete.
Waves crescendo like a lover's lullibye,
A dance with an admirer she can't deny.

Then on the tide, she retreats sadly,
Mutual caresses but a fleeting memory.
Sending a bespangled falling star,
To exemplify his love from afar.

The moon whispers a forlorn sigh,
Biding winds to blow kisses good-bye.
Waves follow to the beat he strums,
Waning when his time succumbs.

Besotted moon cedes to dawn's early light.
The heavens vivify from obscure night.
His fading amber glow infinitely endures,
An ebbing promise, I'm eternally yours.