I am a factor

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

If I explain you, that wouldn't help you 
To understand the importance of a subject,
until you don't fail, you 'll never learn the values of a thing,
doesn't matter living is balanced or unbalanced that has swing,
Changing circumstances has everyone's effect,
you need to earn each single penny that's most defect. 
you can or not become rich over a night 
you want to live honestly or dishonestly is our fight. 
you 're educated or illiterate a way for living you need to select.
you 're sufficient or need efficiency a precess our ancestor's hope,
developed communities, broken barriers to secure progressive crop. 
when you doubt, raised a question, indicates you understand lot,
you dedicate contribution is important no care subject is cool or hot.
I'm a factor to live in present to walk forward with time,
to follow the roots of a problem to find the solution of lyme.