In A Hotel Room

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

In a hotel room together, locked behind the door
A king-sized bed and heater, who could ask for more.

The bath is built for two the bubbles already on the bill
Bubble bath for lovers there can be no bigger thrill.

To wash the bubbles from his skin as he steps out in all his glory
Waiting on the bed for me, now there’s another story...

Two lovers meet in hotel rooms the magic goes on and on
To be entwined with the one you love with baby oil for fun.

To make love on the king-sized bed, to make love on the chair
No body is watching just the two of you are there.

Hotel rooms were made for fun not the weary and the tired
What better hobby could one have when one is retired?.

In fact I cannot wait now until I’m old and grey
And just hope these Hotels are open when it’s my retirement day.

© 6/02/2013

Contest Entry : In a hotel room .