Beware of 88

Written by: Elton Camp

Beware of 88

By Elton Camp

My poem, vile bigotry was mocking
A comment came, against it talking
Any trace of civility it did lack
I’ll admit that I was taken aback

“I know what’s wrong with you.
You’re a lover of the filthy Jew.”
His rant continued for a full page
One filled with hate and rage

His pen name he then did state
A strange one, it was Wolf88
Another, supporting words did spew
His screen name contained 88 too

Could this mere coincidence be?
I pulled up Google so I could see
I learned about Neo-Nazi code
That from hate groups flowed

The evil meaning I then did get
The eighth letter of the alphabet
HH the insane Hitler did heil
Thus the comments full of bile